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It's a little after 5pm as I write this, and still sunny and 60 degrees out. I had hoped to have the site further than it is at this point, but as you probably know, when it's sunny in Humboldt, one should not sit indoors. In fact, it's difficult to do so. I'm quite certain that more sick days are used between April and September in Humboldt due to spring-itis over any other cause.
Steve, Cori and I started the day at the North Jetty, walking along the rocks, taking pictures of birds, mussels, starfish, water and rocks. It wasn't too windy or cold, and there was hardly anyone else around. - just one guy with two dogs and a fishing pole. After we got home Cori and I put on our rubber boots, and coaxed the neighbor into joining us on an adventure through the swampy marshlands just behind our house, beyond the trees. I would have captured some awesome shots of some wild ducks had I not stepped in a muddy hole and yelled "oh crap!" Six beautiful and very large ducks flew out from the close side of the slough where I didn't see them hiding, and the giant white egret that I did see also flew off, in the opposite direction. Next time I'm going to drag a fold up chair out there with me and stake them out. On the way back to the house Cori decided she wanted to pull all the English ivy off the redwood trees behind our house. She wanted to save the trees because the ivy is a parasite that kills them. So we got our gloves on and started ripping down ivy for a couple hours. Some of the trees that we uncovered were actually all one tree. The base is enormous, and a few feet up it turns into five huge trunks. Beautiful and likely over 100 years old, if not 200. We were covered in all kinds of pollen, pine needles, leaves, redwood bark, dust and probably spiders by the time we finished cleaning off about 7 trees. We showered and Steve bbqed and now here I am, just getting back to work. I didn't get as much done here as I would have liked, but I wouldn't trade a day like today - a day of really living in Humboldt - for a million days of making a web site about it. Besides, I'm on Humboldt time!

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