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Humboldt Breweries and Wineries

1777 Alamar Way, Fortuna
Eel River Brewery

Real beer drinkers are on a constant search for the best brew available. They know quality beer when they taste it and enjoy the full body and rich flavor. Give me a friend who knows how to pick a good beer and a good cigar over a wine drinking tweak with sever colitis any day!

Eel River Brewing Company is the brewery with a motto that attracts our kind of people: Be natural; drink naked. That’s organic isn’t it?

856 10th Street, Arcata
Humboldt Brews

Humboldt Brews has what you're looking for: great music, delicious food and a huge selection of beers! Come in and try our new menu, which features fresh, local produce, house-made sauces and dressings, and Humboldt grass-fed beef. This is not your average "pub grub"!

617 4th Street, Eureka
Lost Coast Brewery

Founded in 1989 by Barbara Groom, the Lost Coast Brewery is one of the only female-owned and operated breweries in the U.S. Lost Coast is famous for its delicious and award-winning beers: Great White, Downtown Brown, Indica IPA & Tangerine Wheat!

101 Taylor Way, Blue Lake
Mad River Brewery

Spreading the Madness, one beer at a time!

Mad River Brewing company is now in our third decade of operation and even now it is hard to think of what we do as a business and not as a hobby. Brewing is a passion here and we spend a great deal of our time trying to perfect the next great taste.

1300 Central Avenue, McKinleyville
Six Rivers Brewery

Not only does Six Rivers Brewery offer great beer & food, it boasts one of the best views on the North Coast. Stop in and see for yourself. Six Rivers Brewery also features live music every night.

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