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Humboldt Musicians

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Mister Moonbeam

Mister Moonbeam and his Magic Luggage spread the lunacy amongst the impressionable youth of Arcata.

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Whether you like them for their down-tempo steeped in analog synths,their ability to extrapolate funk themes, or their rock driven songs with lyrical substance, MooGot2 is down to bring a party and leave multitudes of satisfied fans in their wake.

This band evolves. With two keyboard players and horns, MooGot2 is able to harness classic funk grooves reminiscent of Parliment, and morph them into a sound that makes you feel like the 70's just met 2030. MooGot2 shows are an experience, a virtual melting pot of styles.

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Peeping Thomas Worldwide Posse

Built as Humboldt's party band, Peeping Thomas brings an eclectic mix of music to the table. Ska, country, rock, and dance music will make you dance and cut loose. Just remember to let the fun move you, and everything is all good.

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The Fickle Hill Billies

Located atop Fickle Hill in Arcata, California, the Fickle Hill Billies feature original tunes that blend grooving rock-n-roll with psychedelic flavored jams reminiscent of the 60's "San Francisco Sound".

Thrown in the mix are a few choice covers including 'Use Me' by Bill Withers, 'She Belongs to Me' by Bob Dylan and 'After Midnight' by Eric Clapton. With sweet harmony vocals and guitar/hammond leads, the Fickle Hill Billies rock your soul with a smooth groove that gets your body moving.

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The Nucleus

The Nucleus conjures a sound that is both classic and modern, drawing on the blues, jazz, and folk roots of American music while cultivating the sense of power and urgency that make rock&roll so great.

With an ever-growing repertoire of songs and sounds, The Nucleus has gained a reputation as an energetic live act not to be missed.

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Ukesperience is a primo blend of folk and rock with a tropical twist. The ukulele-based group features unique, custom, innovative instruments in ukulele form, including the bass. They don't tiptoe through the tulips, Ukesperience runs amuck in the musical forest. In less than one year, the group received an endorsement by Pono Ukuleles from Wahiawa, Hawaii.

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Woven Roots

The music of Woven Roots harmonizes rich roots reggae and dub styles from the deep wilderness of Humboldt County. Inspiration for the powerful lyrics and beats come from living close to the earth in the beautiful woodlands of the Pacific Northwest.

Woven Roots is lead by the melodic vocals of Travis B and backed by the talents of life long musicians: Gueren (guitar), Eliam (bass), Alex (keyboards) and Tanasa (drums).

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